About Us

Integrated Logistics Service

GLE is a technology-based logistic company that is here as a solution for those of you who need fast and easy delivery services. Armed with a smartphone that you have you can easily send your goods to their destination. Not only makes it easier to ship goods, we are also here to provide opportunities for you “Travellers” to get additional income from the trips you make.

As a company that provides shipping services, we always strive to provide the best service for consumers and partners who join us. To realize our goal, we continue to make changes for the better and innovate and develop in the midst of the competition for technology-based delivery services.


Vision and mission


To become a technology-based delivery service provider that is in demand and sustainable by the community.


Provide comfort and convenience in delivering technology-based packages consistently. Continue to innovate and develop to become the best and leading technology-based delivery service provider company.

We provide service best and fastest for you

We use the latest technology to make it easier to ship goods, track goods with realtime tracking and live chat directly with travelers / couriers

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Completed Delivery
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Traveler / Courier
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People Love Us
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Loyal customers

GLE is your right choice to ship goods anywhere and anytime

Guaranteed delivery of goods from Bali to Jakarta, arrived within 4 hours only

With realtime tracking technology and live chat between customers and travelers / couriers, it greatly reduces the risk of wrong delivery addresses

Our customer service, travelers / couriers are ready to serve you in a friendly manner

Speed ​​of delivery is the more value of our company, and we will always maintain the quality of our service

On Time

Goods arrive on time at the specified address

Quick response

Our customer care, travelers / couriers will respond to any of your questions quickly via the live chat feature


With our experience in the field of expedition and logistics, the delivery of your goods is guaranteed safe

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