Frequently Asked Questions


How to login in GLE app ?

Make sure you have downloaded the GLE application on your cellphone and have previously registered in the GLE application. Then do the following:

Select Log In using :
  • SMS by clicking Log in with SMS
  • Email address (Gmail) by clicking Continue with Google
  • Facebook account by clicking Continue with Facebook
  • Line account by clicking Continue with Line
  • Or log in by entering your username and password. Click Log In.

The most important thing is that you have downloaded the GLE application on your mobile. Then you can open GLE and then do the following :
  • You must fill out the registration form provided by GLE. This form contains your name, mobile phone number, e-mail, domicile address, KTP and KK, photos of facial features and other social media owned.
  • Select “Sender or Traveler”
  • Then click "Register" and wait a few moments, then you have registered in the GLE application.

When you want to login but forget your password, you can do the following :
  • Make sure you have registered your e-mail or mobile number to the GLE Application, then select "Forgot Password"
  • Enter email or no. your registered mobile phone (make sure your email or mobile number is active).
If you enter email :
  • Enter captcha code
  • GLE will send you an email to verify your password change.
  • Click the verification link in the email.
  • Enter your new password & re-confirm your password.
  • Click Continue.
  • Done! Password changed successfully!
If you enter cell phone number :
  • Enter captcha code
  • GLE will send a verification code (OTP) via SMS.
  • Enter the verification code sent by GLE to your cell phone number.
  • Click Continue.
  • Enter your new password & re-confirm your password.
  • Click Reset.
  • Done! Password changed successfully!

Join as a GLE Partner

Who doesn't like extra income, by joining a GLE partner as a courier, you can earn extra income when you travel to a place using airplane transportation.

Here are the terms and conditions :
  • 17 - 40 years old
  • Have an original e-KTP or KTP or receipt or biodata certificate from Disdukcapil*
  • Have a Police Record Certificate (SKCK)*
  • Own an Android smartphone
  • Have a Gmail domain email
*Prospective Traveler/Courier must attach a KK if using a receipt ID card or the original ID card is not clear
*KTP receipt from Disdukcapil must be legalized. If the Disdukcapil receipt ID card has expired and the ID card has not yet been issued, you can use a biodata certificate that must be legalized.
**TNI/Polri cannot use a TNI/Polri SIM
*** TNI and Polri can be replaced with KTA and Leadership Certificate
*** SKCK photocopy must be legalized

Then, how to register?
Join us by contacting us via whatsapp listed on this application or come directly to our office.

What is the chat feature ?
By using the Chat feature you can easily communicate with fellow GLE users. This chat feature will later connect the Shipper of Goods / Packages with the Courier.

To be able to enjoy this chat feature, make sure you have :
  • Updating the GLE app to the latest version
  • Connect to a stable internet network
  • Grants contact access permission on your phone for the GLE application.
You need to know..
All transactions you make and messages you send via Chat will not be lost and cannot be deleted on the chat page.

You can communicate or make transactions individually through the chat feature in the following ways :
  • Select or search for chat features in the GLE Application
  • Then click (+) and select the contact you want to chat with.
  • And now you can have a private chat.
Note: this chat can only be done when you save the number of the person you want to chat with. To be able to chat with the courier can only be done when you and the courier are connected (the courier accepts your request to send your goods).

About GLE

You can use the GLE application for 24 hour delivery needs. With the following notes:
  • You can't order GLE service for the day or time you want.
  • Operational hours for delivery of goods/packages at GLE adjust to the Courier flight schedule.

For now, the GLE service only covers the Jakata area. However, over time it is not impossible for GLE to provide services to all cities in Indonesia.


Sending Packages with GLE is very easy, just follow these steps :
  • Make sure you have downloaded the GLE application on your smartphone first, then you are logged in as a sender.
  • You place an order via the GLE app.
  • Select a pick-up location.
  • Enter the delivery location.
  • Then fill in the details of the goods to be sent.
  • Include the number and name of the sender and recipient.
  • Select "message" to process the order.
  • After finding a courier, the next item will be picked up and sent by the courier according to the order, or there is another agreement between the sender and the courier.

GLE offers short delivery times. Delivery time depends on the selected city and according to the estimated flight time from the courier's departure city to the destination city. Which only takes a matter of hours.

GLE is a service provider, and the maximum weight limit is determined by the courier, so related to the maximum weight of packages that can be sent by the courier is an agreement between the sender and the courier.

The types of goods that you can send using GLE are as follows :
  • Clothes
  • Books & Documents
  • Sports & Entertainment Equipment
  • Accessories
    For valuables such as precious metals, do not fall into this category. Please contact us first.
  • Durable Food
    Make sure the food is packaged properly and safely to maintain the quality of the goods at the time of delivery and not to disturb the convenience of the courier.
  • Health & Beauty Equipment
    Make sure your package is not in liquid form according to the regulations for shipping via flights, if you use a glass bottle, you must report it as a fragile package.
  • Electronic Equipment & Gadgets
    Make sure your package does not contain batteries according to flight regulations.
  • Toys & Hobbies
    Make sure your package does not contain batteries according to flight regulations.
Apart from the above items, Gle cannot help with the delivery process. Below are also some types of goods that cannot be sent via GLE, as follows :
  • Drugs
  • Liquor, alcoholic beverage
  • Firearms, explosives & ammunition
  • Pornographic material
  • Politically sensitive material
  • Live animals and plants
  • Glassware products such as plates/glasses/glass/photo frames and other similar objects that are not packaged properly and safely
  • Liquids, honey, syrups, oils, perfumes and other similar items (prohibited for air transport mode).
  • The package contains batteries such as toys, motorcycle batteries, car batteries (prohibited for air transport mode).
  • A flammable substance is anything that can burn (burn) in the air, such as aerosols, spray paints, hairspray, facial fresheners, body fragrances, gas lighters and lighters.
  • Flammable liquids such as oil, alcohol, acetone, varnish, paint..
  • Pungent fruit.
  • Valuable documents that cannot be reprinted such as land certificates (land certificates), diplomas, motor vehicle BPKB and money.
The goods mentioned above cannot be sent via GLE because they violate the law and are prohibited for air transportation modes and at the discretion of GLE.

GLE provides free insurance up to Rp. 1,000,000 for each shipment . For more detailed information, please read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

As explained in the T&C and in the Privacy Policy, that GLE does not allow the delivery of goods that are contrary to applicable laws. If this happens (the goods sent are against the law) then neither the GLE nor the courier are responsible for the goods. But the full responsibility is the owner or shipper of the goods.

On the My Transactions menu, in the All Transactions/Shipments from me/Shipments for me/Other shipments, click on your active shipment. You can track when your parcel :
  • Successfully created, Will be picked up by the courier, Has been picked up by the courier, Will be delivered to the recipient by the courier, Not successfully delivered

Price and Payment

For now we only provide cash payment method. However, it is possible that in the future there will be non-cash payments along with the development of the GLE application.

It is not in GLE. Except for a personal agreement between the courier and the sender.

Delivery status

Delays may occur, especially during the current pandemic and PSBB. Delays can also occur due to flight schedules that do not match. For this reason, the sender is expected to understand these things. Even so, we are still trying to send your package according to the existing estimate.

Cancellation of the package sender can be caused by several things :
  • The return address could not be found because the address is incomplete or incorrect
  • The sender's phone number is wrong and cannot be reached
  • The recipient's name and phone number are not clear
  • Package does not match the size and type of package that GLE can send
After your submission is rejected, if you still want to send then you must make a new submission as soon as possible. Make sure the address, telephone number and package type are correct so that the delivery is not rejected.

You can change the destination address by agreement with the courier, while still paying attention to the following things :
  • The courier agrees to change the destination address.
  • The sender provides a clear address to the courier.
  • The sender must first complete the payment before changing the destination address.
Changing the recipient's destination address may result in additional costs for the package you send.

You can cancel the delivery if the courier has not picked up your package.

Safe packing tips

Before sending the package, make sure you have packed it properly according to the type of goods you will send. If you are still confused about how to safely pack the goods you send, you can follow these tips
  • Books and Documents
    Make sure you use adequate envelopes or use bags to put all the books and documents you are going to send, so they won't be scattered and make it easier for the courier to carry your package. This can also reduce the risk of damage to your documents.
  • Fragile Items
    • Use a box with safe and strong material
    • Use additional bubble wrap in the box/box to keep the package safe
    • Make sure the box is fully filled and there is no vacuum so that it can withstand shocks, you can use additional bubble wrap/paper to fill the space between your items and the inside of the box.
    • Make sure you report the package as fragile in the GLE application.
  • Food
    Make sure the food is fully loaded and there is no vacuum in order to minimize food damage from shocks during the shipping process. Because it has been confirmed, the package will continue to move until it reaches the destination address. Good filling and packaging will make your food safer. You can add the contents of the food to make it full.
  • Electronic
    Make sure the electronic goods you send are turned off. For laptops and the like, please remove the battery to avoid things that are not desirable (according to flight regulations).

For now we only provide cash payment method. However, it is possible that in the future there will be non-cash payments along with the development of the GLE application.

It is not in GLE. Except for a personal agreement between the courier and the sender.

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