Fastest Solution for your Logistics

Global Logistic Shipment

4 hour shipment from Jakarta to Bali by baggage sharing feature with plane passangers.

We offer between cities and between provinces with our Trip-Sharing Feature, using land transportation
(Truck, Private Car, Motorbike, Bus and Train)


Our Travelers or Couriers are ready to Send your Goods anytime

Via the application, We will send your package using the services of our land transportation users, between cities and even provinces abroad.

Send your business logistics goods with interesting features found in our GLE Apps

Cash Reward

Earn rewards for every delivery transaction

Domestic and International Express Delivery

Via plane with baggage sharing feature

Regular Delivery

Using land transportation, delivery between cities - between provinces

Track Shipments Easily

You can directly track the position of goods in the application with realtime tracking

Live Chat with Travelers / Couriers

You can chat directly with the traveler / courier who sent your goods


Download the GLE Application and Enjoy the Benefits

The GLE Application is available on the App Store and Play Store. Create your account in less than 1 minute, and use the app immediately.

How is GLE’s shipment process?

Create Account in App

Download the application, enter your name, mobile number, email and address. Application is then ready to use                              

Your Delivery Request

Select the GLE delivery service feature of land or air transportation, select the pick-up location and destination, then scan the QR Code


Select payment method for your shipment by cash or digital payment (Wallet)                                                        

Connected With Traveler and Courier, Goods Sent

Direct chat with our travellers and couriers        

Goods Delivery

Once goods are received by the recipient, the traveler and courier scans the QR code                          

Earn Extra Income As a Traveler and Courier at GLE

Register Your Trip

Register and input your trip details via the application, select the means of transportation (Motorcycle, Car, Bus, Truck, Train or Airplane)                                                                                        

Accept Order

You will be connected with a customer / client who will send the goods according to the purpose of your trip and the means of transportation you use.                                                                                  

Live Chat With Customers / Clients

Customers can directly chat with you to determine the pick-up location and delivery location. You must scan the QR code from the customer application.

Deliver Goods

Deliver the goods to the destination, scan the QR code with the recipient.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Receive Payment

Payments will be sent directly to your wallet, and may be withdrawn at any time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Our Clients / Customers Testimonials

Sending documents using GLE is super fast! In less than 4 hours, the documents arrived at our head office in Jakarta.

foto septian
Septian Saputra
- Founder Imajologi

When sales orders increased, GLE provided the transportation fleet solution my company needed. There is a live chat feature with the courier who sent the goods, I feel safe

foto dwi
Dwi Paramdita
- Bussines Owner

Sending items to family in Jakarta is faster and more economical using GLE

foto divana
Divana Githa
- Profesional Doctor

GLE Provides Unique and Smart Features for Freight Forwarding

Track Your Shipment

Real Time Tracking System, easily find out the position of the traveler / courier who sent the goods

Variety of Features

All the features in the GLE application are very easy to use

Live Chat with Traveller

You can directly chat with our Traveler / Courier

Customer Care

GLE Customer Care is ready to serve your needs

Career Opportunities For Those Who Want To Join Our Team

We are committed to building a healthy work environment, by providing equal benefits and opportunities for the entire team

More Details

Download the GLE mobile app Send the link Directly to your email

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