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The Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between the user (“YOU”) and GLE (“US”). These Terms and Conditions govern your access and use of the application, website (GLE official website and other websites that We manage), content and products provided by Us (hereinafter, collectively referred to as the “Application”), and ordering, paying or using the services available on the Application (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”).

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you also agree to additional Terms and Conditions, including the Terms and Conditions on each service, and changes that are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, Terms and Conditions, additional Terms and Conditions, and amendments thereto). collectively referred to as the "Terms and Conditions" hereinafter referred to as "T&C"

1. Description

“User” is the owner of the GLE application account who has installed the GLE application on his smart phone and has previously registered.

“Traveller/ Courier” is a GLE partner in charge of delivering goods/packages sent by the Sender.

“Sender/Shipper” is a party who uses the GLE application to send Goods/Packages with assistance from Travelers/Couriers.

“Recipient” is the party registered in the GLE Application as the party who will receive the Goods/Packages sent by the Sender. In a process of delivering goods/packages, the sender and the recipient are an inseparable unit in the use of GLE services.

“Goods/Packages” are goods, and documents that comply with the T&C and the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia.

"Location" is a description of the place that has been agreed upon by the Sender and Traveler/Courier.

“Fee” is a certain amount of money that must be paid by the GLE application user to the Traveler/Courier.

“Operating Hours” is the time to use GLE for 24 hours or adjust the Traveler/Courier departure schedule.

2. Use of Applications and Services

Access and use of the Application is subject to these T&Cs. You have full freedom to choose to use the Application or other applications, use the Services available on the Application or not, or stop using the Application.

We only facilitate you to make delivery of goods at a faster time if you need it at any time. All services are provided directly by independent third parties who agree to be our service providers with partnership schemes or other schemes ("Service Providers").

When ordering the Service, the Application will connect you with the available Service Provider. Furthermore, if the Service Provider accepts your order, We will inform you of the status of your order through the Application. You can also negotiate with service providers through the chat feature that we provide on this application.

3. GLE Account Creation and Access

Before using the Application, you must agree to these T&Cs and Privacy Policy, and register yourself by providing the information required by us. When registering, we will ask you to fill out a form containing your full name, email address, personal cell phone number, domicile address, photo of your face, your valid ID and KK. You can change your personal data information in the settings feature in the Application.

After registering, our system will generate a verification code automatically and send the verification code via short message to the mobile phone number you provided. You need to verify by entering the verification code on the registration page in the Application.

After verification, Our system will create a personal GLE account (“Account”) for You which can be used to use the Application and order Services through the Application. Your mobile phone number is attached to your Account so you cannot create a new Account with a registered mobile phone number. The same applies if in the future you change your mobile phone number in the settings menu in the Application.

In the event that you have logged out of your account, then you need to enter the electronic mail address or mobile phone number that you provided at the time of registering yourself and enter a verification code, which will then be sent automatically by our system to your registered mobile phone number, on page access.


4. Your Account

Your account can only be used by you and cannot be transferred to another person for any reason. We reserve the right to refuse to facilitate an order if we know or have sufficient reason to suspect that you have transferred or allowed your account to be used by another person.

The security and confidentiality of your account, including your registered name, registered electronic mail address, registered mobile phone number, payment details and the payment method you choose, as well as the verification code generated and sent by our system or payment method provider is entirely your personal responsibility. All losses and risks arising from your failure to maintain security and confidentiality as stated are borne by yourself. In such case, We will consider any use or order made through your Account as a valid request from you.

Immediately notify us if you know or suspect that your account has been used without your knowledge and consent. We will take actions that We deem necessary and We can take against such use without consent.

5. Conditions for Goods/Packages

Package size and weight limits are mutually agreed upon between the Sender and the Courier. Negotiations carried out will be recorded in the Application as digital evidence that can be used as a reference for sending Packages. In making the shipment, it must also be packaged properly, properly and in a closed state so that the package sent can be received by the recipient in a good and proper condition. GLE is not responsible for damage to packages sent due to improper packaging.

The pick-up time and place for the package to be sent is based on an agreement between the Sender and the Courier, so there is no time and place limit as long as it is agreed by both parties (between the Sender and the Courier). For the type of goods sent, it is not allowed to send prohibited goods (as regulated below).

6. Prohibited Items

GLE does not accept delivery of goods/packages that are prohibited by the provisions of GLE and the provisions of Law No. 38 of 2009 concerning Post, namely :

  • Narcotics, psychotropics, and other illegal drugs
  • Explosive stuff
  • Combustible goods
  • Items that are easily damaged and can pollute the environment
  • Items that violate decency. and/or
  • Other goods which according to the laws and regulations are prohibited

We also refuse shipments of alcoholic beverages as well as sharp weapons and firearms

7. General Terms

GLE has the right to know the contents of the package sent by the Sender by providing a description of the package to be sent. The courier has the right to re-check the weight and size of the Package to be sent. GLE and Couriers have the right to refuse Packages that contain prohibited items or that violate the laws and regulations governing passenger luggage during flights. GLE is not responsible for shipments that do not match the Shipper's statement and/or include types of Prohibited Goods. The sender agrees to provide complete and correct information about the sender's and receiver's data through the GLE platform (name, recipient's face photo and phone number). The sender releases GLE from liability for fines or compensation in any case due to :

Loss of goods/packages, if the sender incorrectly provides the recipient's information data but the goods/package have been received by the recipient.

Damage to the contents of the package or goods, if there is no damage to the seal on the package when it is received by the recipient.

Damage to the contents of the goods/packages, if there is a discrepancy between the actual contents of the package/goods with the description of the goods listed.

Mismatch of statements, if the Sender provides a statement on the contents of the Goods/Packages that are not in accordance with the type of goods filled in the GLE application.

Claims from other parties and/or the authorities, if the contents of the packaging sent via GLE do not match the statement from the Sender and then conflict with the applicable laws and regulations.

Delay, loss, damage, if there are costs arising from the negligence and error of the Senders in fulfilling the obligations set out in these T&Cs and other provisions stipulated by GLE.

GLE is not responsible for compensation that exceeds the Indemnity limit as specified in the T&C for loss of important company documents and/or letters, notarial deed, or other commercial contracts.

8. Compensation

GLE is responsible for replacing the loss suffered by the Sender or Receiver due to damage and/or loss of the Goods if :

Goods delivered by the Sender to the Courier for delivery have been equipped with good and proper packaging to prevent damage to the Goods caused by the normal movement of the vehicle driven by the Hero during delivery; and not a hidden defect in the Goods.

The sender must submit the claim application via GLE e-mail or via GLE whatsapp no ​​later than 3 (three) Calendar Days after the date the Goods/Package is received by the Recipient.

GLE is not responsible for commercial, financial and other indirect losses including losses caused by things beyond GLE's control or other indirect losses including for damage due to Force Majeure such as earthquakes, natural disasters, riots, floods, epidemics, wars, coups, rebellions, Government policies and other causes that occur beyond the capabilities of GLE.

GLE cooperates with third-party insurance service providers to provide protection for goods/packages during service. Provisions regarding the provision of insurance and reimbursement services are fully regulated by the insurance service provider through the GLE Terms and Conditions.

The guarantee of compensation as stated in this point is divided into several categories below :

The sender is responsible for protecting the Goods/Package with adequate insurance and bears the applicable premium costs.

Compensation for Goods/Packages to which insurance has been added by the Shipper is in accordance with the insurance provisions that apply in GLE. If the sender does not add an insurance feature, then the payment of the replacement fee for the lost or damaged Goods/Package is a maximum of 10x (ten times) Shipping costs or the price of the goods is taken the lowest value with a maximum replacement value of IDR 1,000,000 ).

If the Sender adds an insurance feature to the delivery of the Goods/Package, then the payment of the replacement fee for the lost or damaged shipment, is a maximum of Rp. 10,000,000, - (ten Ten Million Rupiah) or the price of the goods is taken the lowest value.

Especially for document submissions, the maximum replacement value is Rp. 100,000, - (One Hundred Thousand Rupiah). For shipments of documents that are insured, the maximum replacement value is Rp. 2,000,000 (Two Million Rupiah) or according to the value of creating a new Document. What is meant by documents are: ID cards, driving licenses, diplomas, birth certificates, marriage certificates, marriage books, divorce certificates, death certificates, including but not limited to contract documents and tender documents. GLE reserves the right to determine the categories of documents that can be claimed by GLE.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Sender and/or Account Owner understands that GLE does not act as an agent or representative of a third party insurance service provider and is not a party to an agreement for the provision of insurance between the Sender and/or Account Owner and a third party insurance service provider.

GLE reserves the right to determine the categories of valuables and valuable documents as long as they do not violate the provisions of the Act.

9. Shipping Cost

GLE has set shipping costs in accordance with the terms of service listed on the GLE platform which allows for changes in shipping costs.

10. Guarantee of Ownership of Goods

The sender guarantees that the Goods/Packages delivered and/or sent via GLE Couriers are in accordance with the provisions and laws and regulations and violate the T&Cs applicable in GLE.

The sender releases GLE from all forms of claims from any party for violation of the guarantee of ownership of the Goods/Packages sent through GLE.

11. GLE Account Ownership Guarantee

The user guarantees that the use of the account is correct and does not violate the norms of decency and/or applicable laws. Users warrant and hold harmless GLE from any claim or misuse of the GLE Account. GLE reserves the right to take actions it deems necessary directly without the consent of the GLE Account holder.

12. Intellectual Property Rights

Any logos, designs, brands and images related to GLE, whether digital or printed, cannot be used and acknowledged by any party and for any purpose except with the permission of GLE.

13. Complaints or Questions

If the Sender or Courier has questions or complaints about shipping, they can contact us via email, whatsapp or Instagram which has been listed on the contact us menu.

14. Law And Dispute Resolution

All disputes arising from the implementation of the T&C and the services provided by GLE with the Sender will be resolved amicably and in a family manner, unless there are other matters deemed necessary to be continued in the next process through legal channels and legislation in force in the territory of Indonesia.

Settlement Disputes as set out in this point over services and T&Cs regulated, determined and determined by GLE will be resolved through the jurisdiction of the District Court in Denpasar.

15. Miscellaneous

You understand and agree that these Terms of Use are an agreement in electronic form and your action of pressing the 'register' button when opening an account or the 'login' button when accessing your account is your active agreement to enter into an agreement with us so that the terms and conditions apply. This and the Privacy Policy are valid and legally binding and will continue to apply throughout your use of the Application and Services.

You will not make any claims or objections to the validity of the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy made in electronic form.

You may not transfer your rights under these Terms of Use without our prior written consent. However, we may transfer our rights under these Terms of Use at any time to other parties without the need to obtain prior approval from or give prior notice to you.

If you do not comply with or violate the provisions of these Terms of Use, and we do not take action directly, it does not mean that we waive our right to take necessary action in the future.

These Terms remain in effect even after a temporary suspension, permanent suspension, deletion of the Application or after the expiration of this agreement between You and Us.

If any of the provisions of these Terms of Use is unenforceable, it will not affect the other provisions.

We make these Terms of Use in Indonesian and English. Any differences will be interpreted according to the Indonesian language. These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

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